Adventure awaits!

Our heroes start out in a world with only one island in the middle of an endless ocean. As you collect tablet fragments and bring long-lost islands back to life, the world will start to return to the way it once was.

The Shrine of Mysteries

This forgotten shrine is nestled away on Estard Island and seems to have a connection to the mysterious tablet fragments. Bring the tablet fragments you find back to the Shrine of Mysteries and see what happens!

The Assembly Room

Once you’ve found your way inside the Shrine of Mysteries, speak to the mysterious Host to assemble your tablet fragments or to ask for hints for finding more.

When you first visit the Shrine of Mysteries, you’ll meet a strange looking fairy who acts as keeper of the shrine. His background is a complete mystery, but he claims to be hundreds of years old. He calls the main characters the “chosen ones” and helps them by managing their tablet fragments and providing helpful hints for finding those they’re yet to uncover.

Fragment Detector

You'll see an orb on the bottom screen of your 3DS—this is the Fragment Detector, a new feature for the Nintendo 3DS version. It glows brightly when you’re near a tablet, so keep a close eye on it!

New for Nintendo 3DS!

Fight or fright

When you’re out exploring the wild, you’ll run into all sorts of nasty foes. Battles take place in classic turn-based RPG style, with your party of up to four characters challenging a variety of villains. Defeat enemies to level up and become more powerful!

New for Nintendo 3DS!

A monster approaches!

Another new feature for the Nintendo 3DS version is how you encounter monsters. You can now see them from afar, which will often give you time to decide if you want to fight or flee.

The Haven

During your adventure, you might meet someone who wants to build a special village─a place where monsters who dream of being human can live in peace. Find the monsters who have disguised themselves as humans and bring them back to the Haven to see the settlement grow, with new businesses for you to shop at.

Once they’re settled into their new lives, each reformed monster will give you a special traveler’s tablet. Set these tablets on the underground plinth to enter the dungeons.

New for Nintendo 3DS!

Download Bar

One spot you’ll want to visit in the Haven is the Download Bar, a new location for the Nintendo 3DS version of the game. In the Download Bar, you can pick up traveler’s tablets that have been shared online, then put them on the underground plinth to open up new avenues for adventure!

Monster Meadows

Monster Meadows is a home for friendly monsters that can help you find traveler's tablets.

Here’s how it works:

Have monster munchies in your inventory for a chance to befriend monsters you defeat in battle.

Send three friendly monsters, a leader and two helpers, into the cave in Monster Meadows to retrieve a traveler's tablet, which can be used to enter a randomly generated dungeon.

Clear the dungeons the tablets lead to and share them with other players via StreetPass to level up the monster you send with the tablet─higher level monsters can find even better tablets!

Big Book of Beasts

DRAGON QUEST® VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past features hundreds of unique monsters that you won’t soon forget, designed by legendary manga and anime artist, Akira Toriyama.

Complete a certain quest to be rewarded with a monstrous encyclopedia featuring all the monsters you’ve defeated.

Here are a just few of the memorable bad guys designed by Toriyama that you’ll encounter in DRAGON QUEST® VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past.



Little Devil

Well Wisher

Shabby Cat


Mandrake Mercenary

Forky Pig

Expand your adventure
Expand your adventure