Quick start guide

The vast, epic scope of DRAGON QUEST® VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past might seem a bit overwhelming to new players of the series. Luckily, our resident DRAGON QUEST expert provided a step-by-step game plan to help get you started, plus recommended character levels to ensure you can handle those tough bosses you'll encounter along the way. This guide is designed to lead you through the first 20 hours of the game so you can unlock Alltrades Abbey, which lets you choose a vocation, allowing you to customize your characters and learn new skills!

Pilchard Bay (Present)

1Go to your house, the one directly to your left.
2Go up the ladder and go to bed.
3Head to the ship, which can be seen on the bottom screen, and give your dad the pilchard sandwich.
4Go to the lower levels of the ship and find Maribel hidden behind some barrels, trying to stow away. Tip: Check drawers and destroy barrels or pots to find useful items.
5After speaking with the soldier, exit Pilchard Bay and head to Estard.
6Go to the castle and speak with the king.
7Leave Estard and head to the Shrine of Mysteries, which is on the east side of the island.
8Walk back to Estard and head down the stairs next to the church, which leads to Dermot the Hermit’s house.
9Head back to the castle and meet Kiefer.
10Return to Dermot the Hermit’s house.
11After being woken up by Kiefer, head to the Shrine of Mysteries.
12Retrieve the tablet fragments within the shrine and speak with the curator and all four statues.
13Head to the northern part of the island by entering the ruins just to the east of Estard, and recover the four sacred treasures.
14Return to the Shrine of Mysteries and place the treasures onto the pedestals, then enter the door to the north.
15Talk with the curator, then leave the Shrine of Mysteries.
16Head to Pilchard Bay and speak with your dad at your house.
17Head back to the Shrine of Mysteries and meet both Kiefer and Maribel there, then place the tablet fragments onto the appropriate pedestal.

Ballymolloy (Past)

1Head out of the forest. Tip: Before entering town, level up a few levels with Maeve in your party.
2After reaching Ballymolloy, head to the northernmost house.
3Leave Ballymolloy and head southeast towards the Rainbow Mines. Recommended level: 5
4Head to the bottom of Rainbow Mines to retrieve the green gem.
5Go back to Ballymolloy and speak with Patrick.
6After staying at the inn, return to Patrick’s house. Recommended level: 7
7Fight the golem and proceed through the tower. Tip: Level up to at least level 10 while you’re in the tower with Hanlon.
8BOSS ENCOUNTER: Fight the crabble-rouser and then the next boss. Tip: Keep the wooden doll in a character’s inventory.

Pilchard Bay (Present)

1Head back to Pilchard Bay and speak with your mom, who is in the house.
2Go to Dermot the Hermit’s house and meet Kiefer.
3Head south to a location next to Pilchard Bay and meet Kiefer and Maribel.
4Sail to the new island, Ballymolloy, and enter the town.

Ballymolloy (Present)

1Enter the tall building in the center of the village and talk with the man upstairs—he has a tablet fragment.
2Enter the Rainbow Mines and travel all the way to the bottom to find a tablet fragment.
3Exit the mines. If Maribel has enough MP, use the Evac spell to get out quickly.
4Zoom to Estard—Auster has this spell.

Estard Castle (Present)

1Head to the castle. Kiefer will have the guard lower the drawbridge.
2Talk with the guard near Dermot the Hermit—he’ll open the door.
3Talk with Dermot the Hermit and then to the boatman, who will let you borrow the raft.
4Use the raft to reach the stairs on the other side, then go to the back of the castle to retrieve a tablet fragment.
5Assemble the red fragment pieces at the Shrine of Mysteries.

Emberdale (Past)

1Speak with Palmela, the fortune-teller in the item shop. Speak to the maid, as well.
2Enter the two-story house to the north and talk with the Gaffer, the man behind the desk.
3Go to the inn and speak with the innkeeper.
4After waking up, speak with Palmela by the well.
5Go upstairs and listen to Palmela and the Gaffer’s conversation.
6Go to the item shop and visit Palmela.
7Head to the inn and take a nap.
8Speak with the Gaffer at the table, then go back to the item shop and speak with Palmela.
9Talk to the Gaffer, north of the item shop.

Burnmont (Past)

1Talk to the man in front of the entrance, then enter the mountain.
2 Take this sequence of stairways.
3After the cutscene, talk with Palmela on the other side of the pit. Recommended level: 9
4BOSS ENCOUNTER: Fall down into the pit and fight the boss, the Glowering Inferno.
5After defeating the Glowering Inferno, grab the tablet fragment.
6Climb the stairs and return to the pit where everyone is gathering. Talk with Palmela.

Estard (Present)

1Go back to the present and head to Estard.
2Go to your uncle’s house in town and collect the wholly holy water.
3Go back to the past and head to Burnmont.

Burnmont (Past)

1Talk with Palmela.
2Return to Emberdale and talk with Palmela, who will give you a tablet fragment.
3Return to the present and head to the throne room in Estard.

Estard (Present)

1Talk with Dermot the Hermit, who is standing next to the king.
2After you’ve returned to your home in Pilchard Bay, go upstairs and head to bed.

Emberdale (Present)

1Sail to Emberdale.
2Visit the town—this lets you use the Zoom spell to transport here in the future.
3Head into Burnmont and fall down into the pit to retrieve a tablet fragment.
4Go to the Shrine of Mysteries and place the blue tablet fragment you received.

Regenstein (Past)

1Inspect some statues and then speak with the old man by the well.
2Afterwards, head to the inn and rest in the middle bed.
3Inspect the three glowing statues around town.
4Talk with the old man and find the passage that was mentioned in the clues.
5Head through the hidden passage, find your way to the top of the large rock, and release the angel’s tears.
6Go back through the hidden passage and talk to Felix, the young boy on the other side of town.
7Head into the secret passage Felix came out of and retrieve the tablet fragment.
8Speak with the old man, then return to the present.

The Haven (Present)

1Zoom to Pilchard Bay and sail to the new island.
2Enter the town and collect the tablet fragment.

L'Arca (Past)

1Head to the Shrine of Mysteries and place the tablet fragments.
2Go to L’Arca and head to the shack in the northeast.
3Head back to the present and Zoom to Pilchard Bay.
4Run to the house to the west of Pilchard Bay and talk to the woodcutter.
5Zoom back to the Shrine of Mysteries and go back to L’Arca.
6Speak with the five humans in L’Arca.
7Head out of L’Arca and head northwest to Grotta del Sigillo.

Grotta del Sigillo (Past)

1Continue through the dungeon and pick up a tablet fragment midway through.
2After the quick cutscene, skip the boss entrance for now and continue to the next doorway to get the tablet fragment. Recommended level: 10
3BOSS ENCOUNTER: Go back to the boss entrance and head upstairs to fight the hackrobat.
4When you return to L’Arca, go to the shack where Ruff was held and talk to the man.
5Afterwards, leave L’Arca and go to the present.

L'Arca (Present)

1Zoom to Pilchard Bay and sail to L’Arca, the new island.
2Go to the mayor’s house, the large building to the north, and put on the costume.
3Talk with the festival host and play the game to win the Big Book of Beasts.

Grotta del Sigillo (Present)

1Head to the Grotta del Sigillo and venture into the dungeon.
2Go to where you sealed away the hackrobat.
3After retrieving the tablet fragment, Zoom to the Shrine of Mysteries.
4Place the tablet fragments.

Frobisher (Past)

1Head to the church and go downstairs.
2After meeting Captain Goodwinding, head south to Faraday Castle.

Faraday Castle (Past)

1Go to the building on the right, speak with the soldier inside, and battle him to become a mercenary. Recommended level: 10, Ruff: 3 or higher
2Speak with the guards in front of the castle to enter.
3Go up the stairs and speak with the king.
4Go back to the briefing room (the room on the left outside the castle) and speak with Captain Goodwinding. Be sure to speak with everyone at the meeting.
5Leave the castle and head to the house to the west.
6Enter the house and talk with the professor.
7Return to the mess hall at the castle and gain the captain as a party member.
8Head back to the house and talk with the professor.
9Go back to the castle and Captain Goodwinding will leave the party.
10Go to the top of the left guard post and defeat the automatons.
11After a good night’s sleep, head back to the mess hall to speak with the captain.

Frobisher (Past)

1Leave the castle and head east to Frobisher.
2After checking out the town, head to the automaton stronghold.
3BOSS ENCOUNTER: Break into the stronghold and defeat the tinpot dictator and slaughtomaton. Recommended level: 13, Ruff:7
4Head to Faraday Castle and talk with the king.

Faraday Castle (Present)

1Leave the Shrine of Mysteries and sail east to Faraday Castle.
2Head to the house to the west and talk with the old automaton.
3Report back to King Faraday, then go back to the house.
4Head back to the castle and go speak with the king.
5Go back to the castle and visit Ambrose in the dungeon of the northeast tower.
6Go to Frobisher to get the missing part.
7Go back to the castle and break Ambrose out of the dungeon.
8Repair E.L.L.I.E., then you’ll be able to return her to the house.
9Collect any remaining tablet fragments, then use the Zoom spell to travel back to the Shrine of Mysteries.

Greenthumb Gardens (Past)

1Insert the new tablet fragments and head to the first location you see.
2BOSS ENCOUNTER: Head to the highest point in the town and defeat the rainiac. Recommended level: 14, Ruff: 10
3After using the angel’s tears, go into the garden and find an injured person.
4Enter the large house and listen to the conversation.
5Go upstairs and listen again.
6Go to the little house next to the garden.
7Go to the 2nd floor of the item shop.
8Go back to the little house next to the fountain.
9Go into the basement of the pub and talk with the adventurer, who is spinning around on stage.

Emberdale (Past)

1Return to Emberdale in the past and talk with Palmela.
2Retrieve Palmela’s prescription and head back to the Greenthumb Gardens.

Greenthumb Gardens (Past)

1Use Palmela’s prescription on Carraway.
2During the festivities, make sure to talk to everyone.
3Find Carraway, who will go off by himself.
4After the rain starts, track down Carraway again—he’ll be by the entrance to town.
5In the morning, head north to a cave.
6BOSS ENCOUNTER: Make your way through Grody Grotto and defeat Grody Gumpdrops. Recommended level: Ruff: 6, Rest of party: 15

Greenthumb Gardens (Present)

1Leave the Shrine of Mysteries and sail north to the new island.
2Go to where Greenthumb Gardens used to be and retrieve a tablet fragment.

Roamer Encampment (Past)

1After collecting the tablet fragments, head to the Shrine of Mysteries.
2Go to the Roamer’s Encampment and talk with everyone.
3In the morning, a monster attacks. Defeat it and Kiefer will leave the party.
4Head to the mountain pass and venture through it.
5After resting for the night, make your way to the Poolside Cave.
6Arrive at the Poolside Cave and venture through the cavern.
7Use the chimes of the chosen to lower the water and see areas you couldn’t previously explore.
8Exit near the shrine and watch the festivities.
9After the shrine floods, head back to the first Roamer Encampment.

Estard (Present)

1Head to Estard Castle and speak with the king.
2Sail to the new island and find the remaining tablet fragments.

Alltrades Abbey (Past)

1Head to Alltrades Abbey.
2After being dropped into Pilgrim’s Perdition, go to the pub.
3You’ll encounter a battle—and lose!
4Wake up in Nava’s house and go to the pub.
5Talk with Fingers, the thief, then head with him to the western cave.
6BOSS ENCOUNTER: Make your way through the cave and battle Rashers and Stripes—sorry, but this is another battle you’ll lose!
7After the soul-stealing event, head to the western cave and make your way through to Precipice Pass.
8Meet with Fingers and Eustace.
9Talk to them, then head to the Dungeon of Descent.
10Head down and find the high priestess, then free her by solving a puzzle.
11BOSS ENCOUNTER: Defeat Rashers and Stripes. Recommended level: 17, Ruff:15
12Go back to Precipice Pass with the high priestess. Visit her in the old chief priest’s house and get a key.
13Take the tunnel to Alltrades Abbey.
14Make your way through Allblades Arena by defeating several opponents. Recommended level: 17, Ruff:15
15BOSS ENCOUNTER: Arrive at Alltrades Abbey and defeat the fake priest. Recommended level: 18, Ruff:16

Congratulations! You’ve beaten roughly the first 20 hours of the game and unlocked vocations, allowing you to customize the characters in your party, which adds a lot of fun—and choices—to the game!

To see some of the vocations you can choose from, head to the vocations section.