The fight of your life

Challenging monsters in the wild can be a matter of life and death, so it’s vital to know the basics of combat and how to improve your fighting skills before you battle your first beast.

Battle system

If you get too close to a monster, get ready to fight. Use the Battle Screen to attack the enemy, cast spells, or use one of your character’s unique abilities.

Leveling up

The more you battle, the more experienced your party will become, earning skill points you can use to learn new, valuable abilities to help you out in combat.

Monster Arena

Morrie, a brand-new party member available exclusively for Nintendo 3DS, will introduce you to the Monster Arena. Recruit monsters to your team and pit them against other brutes in the ultimate beastly battle royale!

Defeat stronger monsters to build a stronger team.

Try different combinations of monsters to release powerful special attacks.

Use your team monsters to fight alongside you during your quest.

Recruit the best monsters to challenge X-Rank opponents.

Place up to three items into the Alchemy pot.

Alchemy Pot

Trode is more than just a pretty face—he’s also a master of alchemy! Place certain objects into his alchemy pot to cook up amazing new items, like mighty weapons or powerful medicine.

Additional recipes can be found in various places, like bookshelves, gravestones, or by speaking with characters.

Create new items in bulk from the very beginning of the game.

Over 100 recipes are available.

Alchemy Pot Recipes

Here are a few recipes to get you started:

On the road

There is a vast world to discover in DRAGON QUEST VIII: Journey of the Cursed King. Luckily, you won’t have to explore it all on foot, as there are several fun—and quicker—ways to travel.


Once you’ve leveled-up a bit, your character can learn Zoom, a handy spell that lets you transport instantly between locations that you’ve visited before. Don’t try this spell indoors, though, or you’ll bump your head!


You’ll need to travel across the water to reach some areas. Be ready for some unexpected guests, however, as sea monsters may attack without warning.

Great Saber Cat

If you like to travel in style, try riding on the back of a Great Saber Cat. Once you acquire Barumen’s Bell, you’ll be able to summon this friendly beast to serve as your furry, four-legged steed, racing your across rugged terrain like a true warrior.

God bird

Are you ready to fly like an eagle? Once you get the God Bird Soul Stone, you can transform into a majestic winged creature and soar across the skies to faraway lands.

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