A kingdom in peril

A demented villain, armed with a stolen magic staff, has destroyed the kingdom of Trodain and cursed its inhabitants. As the lone soul untouched by the evil magic, it’s up to you to restore the kingdom and save your people.

"A sceptre spoken of in lore,
And sealed away since days of yore,
Unleashes its forbidden power,
And heralds Trodain's darkest hour."

The cast

In DRAGON QUEST VIII, the members of your party earn skill points through battle. These points can be allocated towards building new skills, such as weapon proficiencies and learning spells, in five distinct categories for each party member.

Unique skills:

  • Boomerang- Starburst Throw
  • Swords- Miracle Slash
  • Spears- Lightning Thrust
  • Courage- Omniheal
  • Fisticuffs- Boulder Toss
Unique skills

The Hero

A royal guard of Trodain, you were forced to leave your kingdom when a curse was placed upon it. Now, you and your friends (including your furry little pet, Munchie) have set out to find the villain responsible.

Unique skills:

  • Humanity- Kerplunk
  • Axes- Axes of Evil
  • Clubs- Gold Rush
  • Scythes- Big Banga
  • Fisticuffs- Padfoot
Unique skills


A former bandit, this big bloke serves as a loyal bodyguard to the hero, who once saved his life.

Unique skills:

  • Whips- Queen’s Thong
  • Fisticuffs- Magic Burst
  • Sex Appeal- Pink Typhoon
  • Knives- Sudden Death
  • Staves- Magic Barrier
Unique skills


The only daughter of an aristocratic family, Jessica now seeks vengeance on a common enemy.

Unique skills:

  • Swords- Flame Slash
  • Bows- Shining Shot
  • Fisticuffs- Miracle Moon
  • Staves- Kathwack
  • Charisma- Pearly Gates
Unique skills


Even though he has sworn a holy oath to protect his abbey, this smooth operator seems more interested in women and gambling in the local tavern.

Unique skills:

  • Fans- Fan dango
  • Rougery- Dosh Toss
  • Whips- Whip Whack
  • Knives- Miracle Cleavage
  • Fisticuffs- Harvest Moon
Unique skills


New for Nintendo 3DS

An important person from Yangus’ past, Red is a brilliant bandit who prefers to work alone.

Unique skills:

  • Passion- Monster Mia
  • Claws- Can Opener
  • Clubs- POWER Pound
  • Boomerang- Swing Both Ways
Unique skills
New for Nintendo 3DS


The passionate proprietor of the famous Monster Arena. He is never seen without his stylish scarf.

Trode & Medea

Dhoulmagus transformed the king into a monster and the princess into a white horse. They travel with the hero hoping to find a way to turn back into their true forms.


It wouldn’t be a true DRAGON QUEST game without a slew of amazing monsters created by manga master Akira Toriyama. Take on over 250 unforgettable fiends across this vast, colorful landscape. Some of them only come out after dark, so beware of creatures out for a midnight snack!


A well-known monster commonly encountered throughout the world. Quite intelligent. Some have even managed to learn the human tongue.

  • Item Drop: Medicinal Herb

Crème Caraslime

Does it taste slimy or caramelly? That’s the brule-ing question. Yet no one can answer it because no one has ever eaten one.

  • Item Drop: Magic Water


Giant axe-toting dragons. Fond of using their scorching flame-breath to roast hapless travellers.

  • Item Drop: Dragon Scale

Great Sabercat

Fearless, highly agile predators with sharp fangs. Rumour has it that they can be tamed, but the truth remains unknown.

  • Item Drop: Medicinal Herb


Risen from the remnants of a magnificent ancient city. A visceral nostalgia for the days of old led bricks from the ruins to spontaneously reassemble themselves into human form.

  • Item Drop: Rennet Powder

Killing Machine

Invented by the infamous Dr. Dorte, these killing machines don’t feel pity, remorse or feat. Once activated, they will not stop until every living creature within range has been terminated.

  • Item Drop: Iron Cuirass

Mad Mole

Capable of extremely powerful attacks when psyched up. Beware of mad moles who are in a state of high tension!

  • Item Drop: Medicinal Herb


Human knights that met a foul and painful end. Frustration and sadness at their pitiful fate keeps them in this world as undead monsters.

  • Item Drop: Soldier’s Sword


A bat-like monster that flies freely through the night sky. According to one account, they’re born in a world without light.

  • Item Drop: Medicinal Herb


Rightly feared from their habit of hiding in forests and ambushing travellers. When hurt, they pluck leaves from their own branches to use as healing herbs.

  • Item Drop: Medicinal Herb

Walking Corpse

As the name implies, a monstrous rotten corpse. Their foul appearance can cause your tension to decrease suddenly.

  • Item Drop: Antidotal Herb

Infernal Armour

Ambulatory suits of cursed armour. Beware their swords. When driven into the ground, they can stun a group of adversaried with powerful lightning bolts.

  • Item Drop: Iron Armour

Boss Troll

Leader of the troll world. Their imposing bulk translates into a massive amount of HP. Resistant to damage and difficult to defeat.

  • Item Drop: Special Medicine

Bone Baron

Aristocratic monsters. Using their spear tips, they trace their family crest in the air and unleash a powerful magical attack.

  • Item Drop: Iron Shield