Only you can unravel the riddles of this mysterious land

You wash up on the shores of the deserted Isle of Awakening. Together with Malroth—who has no memory of his past—you embark on a grand adventure to rebuild the world from the destructive wake of the Children of Hargon.

Build the fantasy world of your dreams

In this RPG adventure, you’ll explore huge islands, gather and craft with materials, design towns, level them up, and take on quests to help those in need.

Defend your realm against monsters

Challenging monster and boss battles await as you adventure across the islands. You must be on your guard, protect your creations, and equip fellow survivors with armor and weapons for the battles ahead.

Share the experience with other Builders

Take a break from the story and travel to the Isle of Awakening, a free-building space to create and share content. You and up to three other Builders can explore together in local wireless*, or you can play online** together too.

Multiplayer features

  • Customize your Builder’s appearance (male or female)
  • Communicate via the game’s emote gestures
  • Create a blueprint of a favorite creation by using the in-game Magic Pencil, and build it later
  • Travel to another player’s island via the in-game Noticeboard or Teleportal to make blueprints of their creations

You can also snap a photo of your favorite gameplay moment and customize it, then share those screenshots with other players via the Noticeboard***.

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