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Free DLC!

At launch, the Champion's Pack DLC will be available, which includes 5 sets of items that will aid you in both the fighting and the fashion stakes on your grand and epic quest to save the world of Erdrea!

The Champion’s Pack includes:
  • Vests of Success Set – A pair of garments said to bring good fortune to anyone who wears them!
  • Wolf Wear – A cool costume that makes Erik look more charismatic than ever!
  • Baby Boar Set – Veronica’s sure to hog the limelight in this cute costume
  • Trodain Set – Try on some traveler’s togs that will show our hero in another light!
  • Happy Adventurer Set – Packed full of helpful items that are sure to come in handy over the course of your adventures!
(Note: Full version of game required to use DLC. Sold separately.)
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