A hero’s story

A young man learns he is the Luminary of Legend, the reincarnation of a hero from a forgotten age. He leaves his hometown of Cobblestone and goes to seek his destiny, but is soon thwarted by King Carnelian, who believes the young hero to be the “Darkspawn,” a harbinger of calamity set to bring doom to his kingdom.

Escaping his pursuers, the hero assembles a band of endearing adventurers and sets off on an epic quest to clear his name and discover the real threat facing the world.

Explore Erdrea

Your travels will take you all over the expansive and exciting world of Erdrea. You can travel by foot, on horseback, or even ride monsters! Once you learn the Zoom spell, you can travel back to previously visited areas in a flash.

Talk to the tockles

They may look like floating marshmallows, but these friendly little creatures can help you travel to past DRAGON QUEST worlds, reimagined in classic 2D visuals. Complete quests in these retro worlds to earn helpful items you can use in your main adventure.

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