SQUARE ENIX Co., Ltd. (“SQUARE ENIX”) permits you to use Materials (defined below) related to SQUARE ENIX’s video game DRAGON QUEST XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age (“DRAGON QUEST XI S”) in a non-commercial context only provided that you adhere to these guidelines (“Guidelines”).

Posting of gameplay videos (including in-game sound, hereafter called “gameplay videos”) and screenshots, as well as livestreaming of the SQUARE ENIX product “DRAGON QUEST XI S can be done for personal use purposes only, by adhering to the following guidelines.

Permitted Uses

All content relating to DRAGON QUEST XI S, including but not limited to gameplay footage, still images, characters and music, is the property either of a collaboration of authors including SQUARE ENIX, or of individual rights holders who have given SQUARE ENIX the necessary permissions for their work to be used in DRAGON QUEST XI S and such work cannot be duplicated or distributed without permission. On the terms set out in these Guidelines, SQUARE ENIX permits you to use the Materials for the Permitted Uses (defined below) subject to the “Conditions and Exclusions” section below. The use of these materials in any other context than the Permitted Uses is not permitted.

  • Using still images of DRAGON QUEST XI S on an online service for personal use.

  • Creating and sharing “gameplay videos” (including background music) online in a non-commercial context only, including uploading the “gameplay videos” to video sharing websites such as YouTube and sharing URLs and thumbnails relating to the Gameplay Videos on personal blogs and Twitter feeds.

Conditions and Exclusions

  • Please display the following copyright information clearly on all publicly shared content incorporating materials from DRAGON QUEST XI S

    (C) 2017, 2019 ARMOR PROJECT/BIRD STUDIO/SQUARE ENIX All Rights Reserved.



    The above copyright information will be displayed automatically when using Photo Mode in DRAGON QUEST XI S.

  • In order not to spoil other users’ enjoyment of DRAGON QUEST XI, all content that includes details of major plot developments should be marked with a clear spoiler warning.

  • Streaming or uploading video or screenshots of any scene where gameplay recording is blocked in DRAGON QUEST XI S is not permitted.

  • Creating edited video content or playlists with the sole intention of showing cinematic scenes (as opposed to gameplay) from DRAGON QUEST XI S is not permitted.

  • Refrain from using DRAGON QUEST XI S content in a two-dimensional format.

  • Ex) Redistribution of DRAGON QUEST XI S content in printed or other media for commercial or non-commercial purposes.

  • Sharing DRAGON QUEST XI S materials using pay-to-view services is not permitted.

  • Refrain from actions that target specific players for harassment or abuse.

  • Regardless of reason, if requested by SQUARE ENIX, please stop the posting of still images or videos using DRAGON QUEST XI S materials immediately. SQUARE ENIX may also remove video or broadcasts deemed to be inappropriate.

  • SQUARE ENIX accepts no liability for any damages arising out of or related to the use of DRAGON QUEST XI S materials.


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